What Are The Methods And Remedy Available For Slippery Tiles

Many accidents nowadays happen because of slippery tiles. It becomes extremely crucial to find some slippery tiles remedy in order to avoid casualties in either your house or commercial spaces like offices or factories. Tiles usually become slippery because of water or any other slippery content that got a spill on it. 

People who are old in age find it difficult to balance and manage their movements and the little children who happily hop from one place to another. Hence these are the people who are more likely to invite the unlikely or unforeseen and undesirable situations. 

But you honestly don’t have to worry about anything because there are many slippery tile remedies available in the market for you to choose the best one as per your convenience and requirements. And in this article, I have listed down a few options that you can look forward to when it is time to go out in the market to get slippery tiles remedy either for your house or commercial spaces. 

Without taking much of your time, I will start off with the remedies that are going to reduce the slipperiness and risk of accidents caused by that. 

  • One of the best ways to reduce slipperiness is to use rugs and carpet or runners on the complete floor. Carpets that have rubber at the bottom will create suction and will stick to the floor and simply won’t move to allow proper support and grip. Adding rugs or carpets is one of the most widely used remedies for slippery floors. Still, the only drawback is that it requires regular cleaning, especially for the areas where it is used widely. 
  • You can also plan to get floorboards installed and discard the idea of getting tiles installed. I am saying this is because floorboards are a cheaper alternative and easy to maintain alternative to that of a tile. e
  • If you already have tiles installed, you must look forward to getting foam pads on your tiles. It merely reduces friction and ultimately acts as an anti-slippery agent. However, the need for replacing these foam slabs are regular and can act as a costly affair. It also holds the soap and bath hairs during the time of shower and hence requires regular cleaning. 
  • One of the other prominent ways of getting an anti-slippery solution for your slippery tiles is to seek help from the anti-slip coating solution. Yes, you heard that right. It helps you in getting a non-slippery tile near your bathroom where the risk of accidents or slipping is more. All you need is a simple coat of this solution against your tile. This doesn’t wear off quickly, and you don’t even have to put in efforts to maintain them. Moreover, if you want to be double safe, then you may get a 1 coat layer on your tiles to provide more grip. 

So these are a few ways in which you can reduce the slipperiness of the tiles and can increase the grip. All the points mentioned above are the most economical but also practical ways that work as the best solution for slippery tiles remedy.