What is Effective Leadership Development in 2022?

Leadership Development
Leadership Development


Every area of global commerce is changing. Business leaders must invest in high-quality training and executive education programs to prepare for these changes. Here’s what they can expect from the most effective leadership development programs in 2022.

Leadership is a critically important factor for any business in 2022. We’re in the midst of a global-scale digital transformation. Some industry experts have called it the fourth industrial revolution. Still, most leadership development programs have remained stagnant over the last two decades. How company leaders are trained is much the same today as 20 years ago. 

Given how important great leadership is to the future of any organization, giving company leaders relevant, up-to-date leadership skills is of critical importance. So, what does effective leadership development look like in 2022? What skills do young leaders need to flourish over the next decade? Here are the key skills that the top directors of leadership development programs are teaching across the globe in 2022 –

Creating Sustainable Workplace Performance Models

In the past, most professionals viewed leadership development programs as one-time experiences. They would learn whatever is taught at these programs, earn the degree/certification, and forget about employing their acquired skills. New-age effective leadership development programs aren’t one-and-done experiences.

These programs take leaders and help them create sustainable workplace models for their companies. Much attention is paid to ensuring that the leaders apply and refine the knowledge they acquire in the long term. Global investment in leadership development programs will exceed $300 billion in 2022.

Organizations or company leaders that want their investments in these programs to pay off must look for sustainable development models. Helping leaders acquire new leadership-related knowledge and behaviours is important. Even more important is helping these leaders sustain the knowledge and behaviours they’ve acquired in the past.

New-age effective leadership development programs should help company leaders –

  • Practice inclusion in company meetings.
  • Ensure all employees are engaged in strategic planning sessions on the organization’s behalf.  
  • Learn how to offer hyper-personalized assistance to new employees.

Training Millennial Leaders

We’re officially in the era of millennial leaders. The average age of a company leader is 30. Don’t worry – a lot of these young, millennial leaders are open to training and growth experiences, much more than previous generations. That means effective leadership development programs need to be customized for this new breed of leaders.

  • New-age leaders are more open to re-skilling.
  • They want training and development programs to be delivered digitally so they can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Millennials absorb more information through micro-learning.

Leadership development professionals must customize their programs to address the unique needs of this group of new-age, millennial managers.

Data-Based Leadership Education

An effective leadership development initiative is one that helps a company leader address his/her most pressing issues. Leadership development professionals must use data to address the most pressing issues of the leaders they’re training. E.g., employee engagement surveys reflect the most urgent issues that leaders need to address in their organizations. Some of the more common issues include –

  • Team members claim their talents or skills are not being developed by the leaders.
  • Employees are not receiving timely feedback.
  • Lack of trust between leaders and employees.

New-age, effective leadership development initiatives should provide strategic recognition to these relatively common organizational issues. The best executive coaches and leadership experts already include these topics in their executive education programs.