What is Social Media Feed and The Need To Embed It on Your Website

we are going to learn the benefits of embedding these amazing social media feeds on the website.

In 2020, being successful in the market means having High Engagement Rates. Your targeted customers should know your brand presence on social media. Having a social presence doesn’t mean to have just an account and then being inactive on it. It means a lot more!! Getting connected with your customers, building relationships with them, and making your brand more approachable is all about having a good social media presence. 

Businesses are trying hard to create a space in the users’ social media feed by enhancing their experiences with their brand. For example, if you are a shoe brand, then you will be wanting your consumers to flaunt their new pair of shoes on their personal social media accounts. 

Social media has become a great platform to influence the buyers’ decision to buy any product or trust any brand. In this blog, we are going to learn the benefits of embedding these amazing social media feeds on the website. 

Firstly, we will know what is social media feed?

Defining Social Media Feed

A social media feed is a feed of collected content from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. that have been aggregated in one place. The content is collected, moderated, and customized to make it into a social wall that can be displayed anywhere. 

Social media posts or feeds are collected using hashtags, mentions, page URLs, tags, keywords, etc. which can be filtered with a moderation feature of tools like Taggbox.

There are UGC tools available, which help brands to manage and market their user-generated content on various marketing touchpoints.

Reasons for Embedding Your Social Media Feeds On Your Website

Brand Awareness and Reach

Social media platforms offer a wide audience base of all demographics and geo-locations, making it easy to reach potential customers easily. There a diverse range of social media platforms, each having its own unique benefits and features. 

Businesses are leveraging these platforms to run campaigns to boost engagement and creating brand awareness. Social media feeds aggregated from all platforms and managed at one platform will help businesses to repurpose content for marketing campaigns. Moreover, when you embed these social feeds on your website, it boosts user engagement and indirect website traffic as well. 

Boost User Engagement

Embedding social media feeds in the form of a social wall on your website helps you to add a visual aspect to the content of your website. Moreover, users don’t have to switch to other social networks to check your brand credibility and user reviews. 

When you embed social media feeds to your website, it gives informative content that are real-life experiences shared by your consumers on their social accounts. 

Social media content is the most engaging, creative, and visually appealing content that boosts engagement rate on the platforms. Moreover, embedding user-generated content on a website helps in engaging your website visitors and influences them to take action. 

Build Trust and Credibility

Embedding social media feeds on your website brings transparency to your work and helps your website visitors to get an insight into your customer satisfaction rates. 

Displaying user-generated content in the form of images, videos, gifs, reviews, feedbacks, etc. on your website builds trust among customers because of content authenticity. Furthermore, it shows that your brand is socially active and is easily approachable by the users to give their reviews and suggestions. And your brand values the customers’ opinion and work on the improvement.

Increase in Sales and Conversions

As discussed in the above pointers, social media feeds add value to brand credibility, trustworthiness, and boost user-experience. This, in turn, increases in sales and conversions as users get influence by the UGC that is aggregated from the various social media platforms. 

Improves Website Appearance

Social media feeds are full of engaging, interesting, and visually pleasing content. When you add these feeds on your website after customizing the layout, font, color, etc. with the help of UGC tools, it apprehends the presentation of your website. 

It enhances the website look n feels and improves the user browsing experience.  The website looks vibrant in design as social media contents are full of interesting and creative visuals. By embedding social feeds, you add authentic content on the website which reduces the marketing team efforts to create content for your marketing purpose. 


Embedding social media feeds serves many marketing purposes be it content marketing, website engagement, increase in dwell time, and sales. Also, it builds trust by providing opportunities to the users to interact and engage with your brand directly.

Embedded social media allows you to easily manage and monitor your social media content at one platform. It helps you to drive the power of the user-generated content to your website and boost brand awareness.