When To Use Veneers And Crowns?

veneers and crowns five dock

Are you thinking about getting a grin makeover? Do you have any front teeth that are broken, missing, or stained? You may be able to choose between veneers and crowns in five dock depending on whether it affects your complete tooth or whether you have healthy natural teeth.

Crowns and veneers serve distinct functions. Our Camas dentist is here to help you understand their differences and how choosing the ideal one can improve your smile.

Dental Crowns vs. Dental Veneers

The discussion between veneers and crowns in five dock has been going on for a long time. Each operation has a different purpose and alters the appearance of your existing teeth. Veneers cover the front tooth surface while leaving the rest of the original tooth intact. A crown surgery can change the appearance of teeth. Crowns and veneers can both make your teeth whiter and straighter. 

Porcelain Veneer Applications

When your natural tooth is healthy, and all you want to do is change its appearance, choosing between veneers and crowns in five dock is simple. Porcelain veneers are only used for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic veneers can conceal stains, mildly damaged teeth, and little gaps in your front teeth, among other things.

Cosmetic veneers simply cover the visible portion of your teeth. They’re usually put in groups of 6-8, depending on how wide your smile is. The use of same-day composite veneers is an exception, and most dentist’s clinics will install only one or two of those.

Veneers are the most incredible option when you don’t require a crown but want to improve the appearance of your tooth structure. You may customise their arrival to the tint, shape, and size.

Because veneers are typically not covered by dental insurance, inquire about flexible payment plans! Because some people require more surfaces than others, the cost of your veneers may vary.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental insurance covers a dental crown because it protects the tooth beneath from further harm. Our aesthetic dentist frequently uses crowns to safeguard the functional tooth surface following a root canal.

If your tooth is rotten, you should cover it with a crown. Crowns surround the tooth with a thin coating of porcelain or porcelain fused to a metal shell, providing protection and an improved aesthetic.

Because crowns are frequently covered by insurance, our treatment coordinators will review your benefits plan to estimate any payments that may be incurred. Financing is also an option.

If you want to whiten your teeth, but one of them is decaying or fractured, this is a fantastic alternative. A crown is your only alternative because a severely damaged tooth cannot receive a veneer. Veneers are made from the same shade of porcelain so that everything matches. All of the teeth in your smile zone should be treated at the same time.