Why Choose An Independent Funeral Director?

independent funeral directors sydney

Many people are unaware that independent funeral directors in Sydney are not regulated by the government like other healthcare professionals. This means that there is no set minimum or maximum hours they must work, no minimum number of funeral services they must provide, and no maximum fee they can charge. This lack of government regulation has led to an industry where independent funeral directors in Sydney can set their prices and work hours. As a result, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality service at a fair price.

  • Lower Prices: 

Pricing is one of the most controversial topics in funeral planning. It’s not surprising when you consider that there are no government restrictions on what a funeral director charges – or only very limited rates: your local state trooper will be able to direct you to the average going rate for a coffin and other equipment.

  • More Convenient Scheduling: 

Unlike other health care professionals, independent funeral directors in Sydney don’t need to go through a lengthy and costly licensing process before they can start. As long as you pay their fees upfront, then every time there is an unplanned death in your family or anywhere else in the state for that matter – just give them a call and let them know when it would work best for you to get together again!

  • Do It Yourself Funerals: 

Many people prefer having a memorial service instead of paying someone to do the actual burial or cremation. In many cases, this is more than just a personal preference – it saves you money. A Family Owned and Operated business that offers all services needs to track how it spends its time to ensure budgeting (you want your recipient’s estate taken care of after their death!).

  • No Obligation: 

Unlike most other forms of health care, there’s no set schedule that funeral service providers follow. This means they can get to know the families and their needs on an individual basis, so you won’t ever have to worry about a situation where you are being hurried out the door because another family is sitting in your room waiting for their turn!

  • No Mediation: 

The way insurance companies determine your rates is through the mediator’s services – and what you don’t know about funeral service providers doesn’t matter to them if their information hasn’t passed their gatekeeping. If a company has been in business for more than five years, then there are no mediation costs associated with trying it out!

  • Consistent Quality of Experiences: 

Funeral service providers are serving the same families over and over again, which means they can be focused on providing you with a high level of service that continues to exceed your expectations. Individualised recommendations based on what works for each family (like tips or advice tailored exactly to their needs) fit right in at an average funeral home as well!


Most families will spend only slightly better than they would on traditional prepaid burial trust plans – that’s because funeral providers adhere strictly to the amount of federal money given to them by the government. You will also not be paying any of your funeral expenses upfront, which means that if you don’t need to use it because all prospective needs are covered by some other type of life insurance or pension system – then this is a great alternative form for saving money!