Why Is Travertine Wall Cladding Considered The Best Tile For Wall Cladding?

Travertine Wall Cladding

It’s 2021, people want their homes and business to look unique and stand out from the rest. Bored of the old painting on the walls for your interior or exterior and want to do something different? Then wall cladding is the solution! Thinking about wall claddings but confused as there are multiple stones to choose from? Travertine Wall Cladding would be your perfect choice.

Travertine Wall Cladding provides you with a wide range for your household as well as business needs. They also have a colour palette available that can match your decor needs quite easily.

To make sure you get your perfect Travertine Wall Cladding some of the frequent doubts that buyers may have while buying a wall cladding have been answered.

1. What is Travertine Wall Cladding?
It is basically a wall cladding tile that is made using Travertine which branches out from the limestone group, giving your walls a beautiful Mediterranean look. Having its origin back as far as 7000 BC, it’s perfect for tiling, paving and wall cladding use.

2 . Will Travertine Match our housing needs?
As stated above due to Travertine’s wide range of colour, shades and pattern available, it’s guaranteed that you will find the perfect match as per your need. Ranging from cream, brown, grey, and off-white to name a few providing you with a classic and distinct appeal.

3 . Is Travertine easy to maintain?
Once you fit them on your walls and seal them properly you don’t need to worry much about its maintenance. As they have been fitted on walls they remain clean for long durations. If found to be dusty then just use water and some natural soapy cleaner to clean them. It’s important to note that not to use acidic cleaners such as vinegar to clean the walls.

4 . Is Travertine durable?
For those having this doubt, you can squash them as Travertine is quite durable, that is if you keep them well maintained. If you maintain them and use the proper sealants we are sure that it will remain stain-free and have only slight discolouration and stay on your walls making them beautiful for many years!

5 . Can Travertine withstand the heat?
Yes, Travertine being a natural stone is quite resistant to high temperature, fire and heat making is a good choice for wall claddings.

6 . Is Travertine resistant to water and moisture?
Yes, they are, which helps prevent moulds and mildew from escalating in any area where they are installed. For indoor walls, they are used mainly in kitchens and washrooms due to this property.

7 . Is installing Travertine difficult?
As they are easy to cut and shape they can be easily installed even in the smallest and uneven areas. Making them a good choice for flooring as well as wall claddings.

8 . Are they a cost-effective option?
Though they are considered a luxury item, they are much more budget-friendly than natural stones such as granite, marble or similar alternatives that you can choose from.

To Conclude-
Hoping the above list cleared most of your doubts regarding Travertine Wall Cladding. They can be used both for the indoor and outdoor purpose be it for your home or your workplace as they have a wide range of applications. It will surely bring the needed natural elegance and shield your walls for longer even in outdoor conditions as we can see some of the most impressive ancient builts still standing have been made using Travertine.