All You Need To Know About Wire Ropes & Round Slings

wire rope

The common denominator between wire ropes and round slings is that they are used to carry loads, usually for construction purposes. Wire ropes are often used to make round slings.

What Are Wire Ropes?

Wire ropes are a type of rope that uses wires as its core strength-carrying component. They are made from numerous strands of wire, which can be either galvanized or stainless steel. The wires may be twisted or straight, and a coating of heat-shrink tubing often protects the ropes. This tubing helps protect the wire from corrosion and provides a smooth surface on which to lay the wire ropes.


Wire rope is a general term that encompasses many different types of ropes with a variety of uses and properties, so it can be confusing. They can be constructed from one or more strands in a single or braided pattern. Some ropes are made from synthetic materials wire, such as steel cables, anchor cables, and anchor chains. The three main types of wire rope are wiring, strand and extension. All three serve the same basic purpose: to transfer loads through space or over distance. The main difference between them is in their strength and flexibility.


Although these ropes all share the common characteristic of being composed primarily of wires (as opposed to fibres), they are different in construction and application. Wire rope is composed of an interlocking pattern of steel wires that are helically wrapped around each other to form a single larger strand. At the same time, chains and cables both use multiple strands of steel wire to make up their construction.

Wire Rope Types & Uses

  • Steel Wire Rope:

Made from steel and used for many industrial applications, this type of wire rope is the most common on the market. It is relatively inexpensive, able to withstand corrosive environments, and easy to handle. Steel wire rope is also flexible, resistant to abrasion, and has high breaking strength. However, it is not suited for applications where it will be exposed to continuous vibrations; this can cause the wires to bend and eventually break.

  • Sling Wire Rope:

Also known as construction wire rope, this type of wire rope is used in applications where weight needs to be lifted or supported with a sling harness. It comes in both single and double braid patterns. Sling wire rope has poor abrasion resistance, however, it should never be used when it may come into contact with sharp edges or irregular surfaces.

What Are Round Slings & Its Uses?

round sling

Round slings are a common component of wire rope and sling rope systems which are very flexible materials with high tensile strength. They can be manufactured from many different types of wire rope, including galvanized steel, stainless steel and manganese bronze.

These slings look like loops of cable but actually consist of several strands of wire that have been formed into a circle. For instance, the shape allows them to fit around other components, like I-beams. They are used primarily in lifting and hoisting to support suspended loads. 


Round slings are usually made by first cutting the wire rope to the desired length and then bending the end to conform to the standard dimensions for round slings. The sling is then attached to the hook or clamp used to secure it to whatever load it’s intended to support.

While they may be used across the full range of applications where wire rope is utilized, they are most commonly found supporting loads in cranes and hoists. In addition to their use in lifting and hoisting, round slings can also be used in construction as temporary supports for beams or scaffolding supports.